What is a lingam massage?

escortA lingam massage is typically a massage where the male sexual organ is focused on. The Sanskrit word for the penis is Lingam. The goal of the lingam massage is not a climax necessarily but it is meant for pleasure and relaxation. This is not a legal massage that one would go and get at a parlor. But it is something one could enjoy with a lover.
Some Preparations for a Lingam Massage

Take a relaxing bath or shower. Take your time and breathe deeply. Conscious, relaxed breathing will take you out of your mental process and will get you more into your feelings.
Relax your belly and let go of the tension that most of us hold there.
Go to the bathroom before beginning the massage. The best results occur when the bowels and bladder are empty.
Go out of your thoughts and connect with your partner through hugging, holding, eye gazing, bringing both of you to a place of relaxation and trust.
How to Give a Tantric Lingam Massage?

Have the receiver lie on his back with pillows under his head so he can look up at his partner (giver). Place a pillow, covered with a towel, under his hips. His legs are to be spread apart with the knees slightly bent and his genitals clearly exposed for the massage. Before contacting the body, begin with deep, relaxed breathing.
Gently massage the legs, abdomen, thighs, chest, nipples, etc., to get the receiver to relax. Remind the receiver to breathe deeply and to sink deeper into relaxation.
Pour a small quantity of oil on the shaft of the Lingam and testicles. Begin gently massaging the testicles, taking care to not cause pain in this sensitive area. Massage the scrotum gently, causing it to relax.
Massage the area above the Lingam, on the pubic bone. Massage the perineum, the area between the testicles and anus. Take time when massaging the shaft of the Lingam. Vary the speed and pressure.
Gently squeeze the Lingam at the base with your right hand, pull up and slide off, then alternate with your left hand. Take your time doing this, right, left, right, left, etc. Then, change the direction by starting the squeeze at the head of the Lingam and then sliding down and off.
Again, alternate with right and left hands.

Massage the head of the Lingam as if you are using an orange juicer. Massage all around the head and shaft. In Tantra there are many nerve endings on the Lingam that correspond to other parts of the body. It is believed that many ailments may be cured by a good Lingam massage. The Lingam may or may not go soft as you perform this technique. Do not worry if it doesn’t get hard again. You will probably find that it will get hard, then go soft, get hard again, etc., which is a highly desirable Tantric experience, like riding a wave, bobbing up and down. Hardness and softness are two ends of the pleasure spectrum.
If it appears that the receiver is going to ejaculate, back off, allowing the Lingam to soften a little before resuming the massage. Do this several times, coming close to ejaculation, and then backing off.
Remember: Deep breathing is key here and will soften the urge to ejaculate. Eventually ejaculatory mastery will allow you to make love as long as you want and you can become multi-orgasmic without losing a drop of semen.
5 Best Massage Oils Can Be Used in Lingam Massage

There are many different types of massage oils are available for Lingam massage, the following are five top choices during a Lingam massage.

Melrose H2 Oil
Melrose was first in Australia, and maybe the world, to develop the water dispersible concept that has become the most popular massage oil type. Water dispersible oils are popular because they not only increase the life of towels considerably, but also reduce the possibility of towels catching fire in the dryer.
Melrose Sweet Almond Oil
Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular massage oils among massage therapists. Extracted from almonds, sweet almond oil is pale yellow in color. It is slightly oily, which allows hands to glide easily over skin. Sweet almond oil is absorbed fairly quickly, but not so quickly that you need to keep reapplying it.
Apricot Kernel Oil
Apricot kernel oil is similar in texture and color to almond oil, but costs slightly more. It is rich in vitamin E, a quality that gives it a longer shelf life than the typical oil. The Oil Garden Apricot Kernel Oil has a very light texture makes it very suitable as a facial oil, especially for sensitive, inflamed, dry or mature skin.
Coconut Oil
Although you may think of coconut oil as a white solid oil, however when warmed coconut oil is actually a light, non-greasy, liquid oil. Melrose makes an organic and Unrefined Coconut Oil, This pure unrefined coconut retains all the aroma of coconut. A solid at temperatures below 20C, warmed it is a clear high glide oil with great stability.
Jojoba Oil
Jojoba is actually a wax extracted from the seed of the jojoba plant. Jojoba is a good option for most people prone to back acne because it is thought to have antibacterial properties. Jojoba has a very long shelf life, so it’s a good choice if you don’t use it regularly. It is very well-absorbed, which makes it a favorite carrier oil for aromatherapy. Jojoba is usually not irritating to skin.

What are the Benefits of a Lingam Massage?

Obtain better control of your sexual energy and your sex drive. If a therapist is helping you with the massage they will “stand down” or step away when the recipient is near orgasm. After several sessions the recipient will be able to prolong ejaculation.
Solve sex related problems such as premature ejaculation
Improve blood circulation for a better firmer erection.
Better control over internal energy.
Fight stress and depression.
Enhanced orgasmic experience. Lingam massage can help improve the quality of your orgasm and the entire process of reaching one.
Fight stress and depression. You can reduce or even eliminate completely stress and depression effectively.
Lingam massage also allows you to learn to be fully comfortable with yourself, which later enhances your self-esteem and confidence.

Nightlife in Houhai Bar Area

houhaiHouhai, also known as the Back Lakes, is one of the most famous attractions in Beijing. The lake was dug out in the Yuan Dynasty in 14th century. Gathering many bars, restaurants and shops, Houhai has now become an entertainment in Xicheng District. Compared with Sanlitun Bar district, the nightlife in Houhai is classier. Here are some recommended bars for you.

No Name Bar
Address: Qianhaidongyan, Shichahai, Xicheng District
Tel: 86-10-64018541
Opening hours: 12am–2am
Price per Person: RMB200

No Name Bar used to be a Hutong bar. The vine-covered wooden cabin is so famous in Houhai area that it doesn’t even need a name. The rattan chair and the groovy decors create a pleasant environment. This place is also known for its eclectic music and friendly staff.
Sex and da City
Address: No.5, Hehuashichang, No.51, Dianmen Xidajie, Xicheng District
Tel: 010-83225096
Opening hours: 4pm–2am daily
Price per Person: RMB200
Website: www.sexanddacity.com

Located in Lotus Lane, the Sex and da City is close to the Jiading Fang Bar. Inside the bar are modern decors and a two-story tall mural of Marilyn Monroe. You can enjoy the nice lake view while sipping drinks at the curtained areas.

Blue Lotus Bar
Address: No.1, Xihaidongyan, Shichahai, Xicheng District.
Tel: 86-10-64000168
Opening hours: 11am–1am daily
Price per Person: RMB300

Opened in 1997, the Blue Lotus is one of the first bars in the Houhai area. As one of the leaders in the bar industry, the place houses tea room, wine bar, KTV and professional performing stage. The Southeast Asian Flavor restaurant here serves Barbeque chicken wings, Barbecue squid arms, Beef satay and Thai fish cake. You can enjoy a cup of Mojito while watching the live performance on weekend.

Houhai 5 Hao
Address: 5 Houhai Beiyan, Shichahai, Xicheng District.
Tel: 010-64061900
Opening hours: 1pm-2am daily
Price per Person: RMB300

With tasteful and modern decorations, the Houhai 5 Hao is located in the center of the Houhai area. Apart from a variety of vintage liquors, the bar also serves Chinese food, Western food, Thai food and buffet. There are live band performances every night so you can sip some drinks while watching the shouws.

Address: 8 Houhai Nanyan, Shichahai, Xicheng District.
Tel: 010-66158691
Opening hours: 8pm-12.30am daily
Price per Person: RMB200

With antique building structures, inventive moon gate, the wooden sculpture, the Hutongxieyi is a better place for recollection rather than drinking. The courtyard bar offers you an experience of night bar back in old Beijing. It’s a great place to fulfill your Hutong dreams.
Zone Bar
zone barAddress: No.12, west coast of Houhai, Xicheng District
Tel: 86-10-84031419
Opening hours: 1pm-3am daily
Price per Person: RMB200

Situated at the east side of the Houhai, the Zone Bar was used to be called Z-one. With classic and modern interior, the comfortable place is a nice location to unwind. The antique furniture, inlayed stone and the large stonewashed yellow sofas are definitely the attraction.

Jiading Fang Bar
Address: No.9, Hehuashichang, No.51, Dianmen Xidajie, Xicheng District
Tel: 86-10-83289898
Opening hours: 10.30pm–2am daily
Price per Person: RMB200
Website: www.jiadingfang.com/

Located at the west side of the Houhai, Jiading Fang Bar (Alpha & Omega Bar) enjoys a beautiful scene of glittering water, beautiful reflections, shady greens and charming sunset. Serving Singapore Nyonya food, the classy Chinese style bar offers you a cozy atmosphere to relax after a long day of work.

The 70s Bar
Address: A22, Qianhai West street, Xicheng District
Tel: 86-10-66572003
Opening hours: 11am-2am daily
Price per Person: RMB200

Opened by a young director named Jia Yongwei, the 70s bar is a movie-themed bar due to the owner’s obsession of movies. Most of the customers here are young actors, writers and directors who want further development in their career. The cocktails here are named after the movies.

Amber Bar
Address: A18, Houhai Nanyan, Xicheng District
Tel: 86-10-66130844
Opening hours: 2pm–3am daily
Price per Person: RMB300

Amber offers you a great view of the Houhai lake. You can sit close to the windows and sip some drinks while watching the sunset. With a ceiling of the Dunhuang Grottos and the murals as its interiors, the Amber bar creates a cozy environment for you to hang out with your friends.

Bed Bar
Address: No.17, Zhangwang hutong, Jiugulou street, Xicheng District
Tel: 86-10-84001554
Opening hours: 3pm-2am daily
Price per Person: RMB200

Hidden in a Hutong, the Bed Bar has a unique theme which is setting plush beds in stead of chairs. With the faint light creating a cozy environment, guests can relax in the bed sipping drinks, making small talks or taking a nap. You can also unwind on the dance floor.

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Hotels in Beijing Hutong

Hotels in Beijing Hutong
Leo Hotel
Address: Leo Hotel, Guang Ju Yuan, 52 Da Zha Lan West street, Qianmen, Xicheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-63031595
Website: http://www.leohostel.com/

With more than 8 years of history, the Leo Hotel is pretty famous in China. Located near some famous tourists spot such as Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, the hotel also continuously listed in some well-known travel guides. The Leo Hotel is also close to the subway network, enjoying a convenient transportation. The hotel is located in an ancient hutong area that enjoys more than 600 years of history. Guests can follow the busy street right up to Tiananmen Square from the doorstep of the Leo Hotel. Behind the hotel is a well-preserved hutong residential quarter. There you can experience the true “old Beijing”.

北京春秋园宾馆Spring Garden Hotel
Address: 11 Xisi Beiliutiao Hutong, Xisibei Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-66532900
Website: http://www.springgardenhotel.com/bg_jianjie.asp

Located in Xicheng District, the Spring Garden Hotel is close to many landscapes, including the Forbidden City, Jingshan, Beihai and Houhai bars. Inside the guestrooms of the Spring Garden Hotel are traditional decorations, featuring classic furniture, traditional Chinese craftworks as well as a set of articles and equipments. Apart from the comfortable and convenient facilities, the Spring Garden Hotel also offers unique cultural connotation. Each room will introduce you to the life of different distinguished emperors in Chinese history, as well as the dynasties that they lived in. The Spring Garden Hotel also provides customers with Chinese Mahjong lesson and Chinese calligraphy lesson.

hutongyinHutong Culture Inn & Hostel
Address: 17 Beixiawazi Hutong,Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-6403 3650
Website: http://www.hutonginns.com/?language=en

As the first hotel of Hutong Inns, the Hutong Culture Inn & Hostel is inspired by the Beijing Hutong culture. Situated in Bei Luo Gu Xiang, one of the oldest hutongs in Beijing, the hotel is close to many historic interests, including Nan Luo Gu Xiang, Lama Temple, Houhai Bar Street, the Drum tower, Prince Gong’s Mansion, Deshengmen and Mao Zedong’s former residence. Apart from the cultural attractions, the hotel is also surrounded by some scenic beauties.

jiqingtangJi House
Address: 7 Shaluo Hutong, Bei Luoguxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-84043131 / 84033131 / 84047676 / 64043838
Website: http://www.jihousecn.com/

The Ji House is located in a beautiful traditional Beijing courtyard which was once the gold and silver jewel market during the Yuan Dynasty. It is also the former residence of the revered poet Shen Congwen. Featuring a goldfish pond and ancient trees, the family-run hotel creates a tranquil courtyard for travelers to enjoy the tranquility of unspoilt traditional Beijing courtyard.

Beijing Hao Yuan Hotel
Address: 53 Shijia Hutong, Dongsinan Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 4006756700
Website: http://www.beijing-hao-yuan-hotel.008h.com/index-en.html

Built in the Qing Dynasty, the Beijing Hao Yuan Hotel is a delight place to stay when people are visiting the great city. The place once received Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1999. Surrounded by many well-preserved historical buildings built during the Qing Dynasty, the courtyard hotel is shaded by many ancient trees, creating a serene and classical atmosphere for your stay in Beijing. The restaurant here mainly offers Imperial court food as well as Western dishes.

Incall Escort Girls in Beijing

escort girlRecently, terrorist attack in Yunan Province and the vice clampdown
all across china has led to daily checks on all hotels and entertainment outlets all across China. Hotels are not safe, the police is literally checking every hotel room in China. Beside catching sex workers they are also after the Xinjiang people who carried out the attack at Yunan train station. Hence, incall escort service will be safer than outcall for the time being. It is better for all to go to the girl’s rented rooms or apartment for overnight in Beijing.

Incall Escort Girl is named as Lou Feng(楼凤) in Chinese. It refers to the prostitutes who offer sex service in their own living place as well as gentlewomen who make deals of body with men. Lou Feng usually are local citizens and have their own lodgings. The reasons for them to choose to be incall escort girls varies from each other, but with one in common, a unfortunate marriage. They do not have professional skill and live alone. They are either young and beautiful, or mature and charming. Hence, these incall escort girls are jokingly named as Lou Feng(楼凤) by local people.
The common points of Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng in Beijing

Lou Feng usually make appointments with their clients on QQ or wechat. In their Q-zones, you may find several groups of photo albums, including candid photos, art photos and pornographic pictures. Candid photos and art photos can be viewed directly while pornographic pictures need passwords.

The “working place” of incall escort girls/ Lou feng is basically in the residential buildings. It’s not sure whether they lease or own the place.

Some incall escort girls offer outcall service as well, but the clients need to pay them extra money and taxi fee while others insist that outcall is not available. Moreover, a small part of Lou Feng make it clear that they do not offer place so their clients need to get a room in the hotel.

Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng Can Be True or Fake

Lou Feng is varied in different types, some are traditional Lou Feng making living by offering sex service independently, some are part-time Lou Feng who work during the day time and do prostitution at night, and others are controlled to be prostitutes by pimps.

The address of Incall Escort / Lou Feng will not be told directly. The working girls usually tell clients the address of their communities. When the clients arrived and called back to them, they would guide clients to their “working place”.

However, incall escort scams exist as well. The criminals falsely claim they are Lou Feng and offer incall escort service on QQ or Wechat. They usually need their clients to pay service fee via credit card. Once the money is paid, they are not longer able to be contacted. Most clients are not willing to pay money ahead, so criminals usually tell victims their unfortunate experiences to gain victims’ sympathy.

Other criminals usually guide clients to a lonely spot, rob them and threaten victims not to call the police. This kind of cases take place in China each year.

Warning from the Police

The tactics of prostitution through Internet have drawn the attention of the police. They counsel general public to preserve their moral integrity and do not try to break the law.

It is reported by the police that Wechat and QQ are the common tool used by criminals to find victims. Criminals usually publish the incall service ads on the Internet and take the guaranty bond from victims for introduction fee of escort girls. Some criminals even make theft or robbing when victims arrived at their prescribed destination.

Recommendation of Beijing Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng

To make deals with Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng in Beijing, you’d better know Chinese as most of them cannot speak English. Otherwise, communication will be a problem between you. Here, we are going to recommend the top 10 incall escort girls in Beijing.

Beginners guide to spa/massage in china

spa aromatherapyThis guide is intended for those who are new to the scene in china. To help you identify which establishments have extra offerings and which ones don’t, what you may get (or may not get) in these places, and the expected cost. I’m by no means a veteran, only sharing my experience and hopefully these will be helpful. Of course I appreciate comments and corrections.

Coverage: this guide covers middle to high class massage/spa places in tier 1 cities in china. Not the quick whack at bbs. Mainly talking about Beijing and Shanghai.

When I first started my number one concern was where to find these places where you can get a nice relaxing massage and a release. Here’s a checklist you can use.

Does the entrance face a big busy street? Usually the place you are looking for is on a small street, and will not be too revealing to the public. They usually have signs pointing to it from the outside.

Upon entering, check the receptionist. A pretty girl may not be much of an indication, but if she’s wearing low cut or heels or stockings then you have good chance. If you see a guy sitting there, then 95% it’s a veggie place.

Look at the menu. This will be the biggest hint on what this place will offer you. Look to see if there’s a huge spread in price difference, and the name of the service. Foot massage will cost you under 100 for like a 90min session. See if there are ones with interesting names and a much higher cost, eg, special massage, royal treatment, emperors love. These will usually be 200+ and depending on the interior decoration of the place, nicer places can go up to like 500. Anything more than 500 I wouldn’t recommend. You will probably not get fs at these places anyways so it’ll be a waste of money.

This is a good turn around point for you, if you see a guy receptionist and the most expensive ones are say Chinese massage for 149, then it’s time to leave.

Once you get into the room. Usually you will be randomly assigned a masseuse. If you don’t like her you can ask to switch. Just say ‘hwan’ with some hand gestures should do. Oh if shes wearing some conservative clothing then you are guaranteed a veggie massage. Most places should have showers, you can shower first and then change into their disposable boxer (some places may charge 5rmb for this).

Then going through the routines. She will usually give a bit of tease when you are lying on your stomach. Flip, hj. If there are time leftover, she’ll give you some more massage. During this whole process, you can harrase her by touching. Some may be more restrictive than others. How far you can get is highly ymmv. Go one step at a time, and if she makes her statement fingering or fs is not allowed, it’s better to respect that. If your massage is really cheap, say under 200rmb for 2hours, you may be expected to tip her for the extras. (Depends on the location, prices vary) Don’t tip more than 100rmb!

On a side note, if the place offers Groupon, then prob it’s a veggie joint.

Well, I typed all that on my boring plane ride. Hopefully that wasn’t too boring for you, and maybe someone new to this can pick up a few pointers