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Incall Escort Girls in Beijing

escort girlRecently, terrorist attack in Yunan Province and the vice clampdown
all across china has led to daily checks on all hotels and entertainment outlets all across China. Hotels are not safe, the police is literally checking every hotel room in China. Beside catching sex workers they are also after the Xinjiang people who carried out the attack at Yunan train station. Hence, incall escort service will be safer than outcall for the time being. It is better for all to go to the girl’s rented rooms or apartment for overnight in Beijing.

Incall Escort Girl is named as Lou Feng(楼凤) in Chinese. It refers to the prostitutes who offer sex service in their own living place as well as gentlewomen who make deals of body with men. Lou Feng usually are local citizens and have their own lodgings. The reasons for them to choose to be incall escort girls varies from each other, but with one in common, a unfortunate marriage. They do not have professional skill and live alone. They are either young and beautiful, or mature and charming. Hence, these incall escort girls are jokingly named as Lou Feng(楼凤) by local people.
The common points of Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng in Beijing

Lou Feng usually make appointments with their clients on QQ or wechat. In their Q-zones, you may find several groups of photo albums, including candid photos, art photos and pornographic pictures. Candid photos and art photos can be viewed directly while pornographic pictures need passwords.

The “working place” of incall escort girls/ Lou feng is basically in the residential buildings. It’s not sure whether they lease or own the place.

Some incall escort girls offer outcall service as well, but the clients need to pay them extra money and taxi fee while others insist that outcall is not available. Moreover, a small part of Lou Feng make it clear that they do not offer place so their clients need to get a room in the hotel.

Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng Can Be True or Fake

Lou Feng is varied in different types, some are traditional Lou Feng making living by offering sex service independently, some are part-time Lou Feng who work during the day time and do prostitution at night, and others are controlled to be prostitutes by pimps.

The address of Incall Escort / Lou Feng will not be told directly. The working girls usually tell clients the address of their communities. When the clients arrived and called back to them, they would guide clients to their “working place”.

However, incall escort scams exist as well. The criminals falsely claim they are Lou Feng and offer incall escort service on QQ or Wechat. They usually need their clients to pay service fee via credit card. Once the money is paid, they are not longer able to be contacted. Most clients are not willing to pay money ahead, so criminals usually tell victims their unfortunate experiences to gain victims’ sympathy.

Other criminals usually guide clients to a lonely spot, rob them and threaten victims not to call the police. This kind of cases take place in China each year.

Warning from the Police

The tactics of prostitution through Internet have drawn the attention of the police. They counsel general public to preserve their moral integrity and do not try to break the law.

It is reported by the police that Wechat and QQ are the common tool used by criminals to find victims. Criminals usually publish the incall service ads on the Internet and take the guaranty bond from victims for introduction fee of escort girls. Some criminals even make theft or robbing when victims arrived at their prescribed destination.

Recommendation of Beijing Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng

To make deals with Incall Escort Girls/ Lou Feng in Beijing, you’d better know Chinese as most of them cannot speak English. Otherwise, communication will be a problem between you. Here, we are going to recommend the top 10 incall escort girls in Beijing.

Beginners guide to spa/massage in china

spa aromatherapyThis guide is intended for those who are new to the scene in china. To help you identify which establishments have extra offerings and which ones don’t, what you may get (or may not get) in these places, and the expected cost. I’m by no means a veteran, only sharing my experience and hopefully these will be helpful. Of course I appreciate comments and corrections.

Coverage: this guide covers middle to high class massage/spa places in tier 1 cities in china. Not the quick whack at bbs. Mainly talking about Beijing and Shanghai.

When I first started my number one concern was where to find these places where you can get a nice relaxing massage and a release. Here’s a checklist you can use.

Does the entrance face a big busy street? Usually the place you are looking for is on a small street, and will not be too revealing to the public. They usually have signs pointing to it from the outside.

Upon entering, check the receptionist. A pretty girl may not be much of an indication, but if she’s wearing low cut or heels or stockings then you have good chance. If you see a guy sitting there, then 95% it’s a veggie place.

Look at the menu. This will be the biggest hint on what this place will offer you. Look to see if there’s a huge spread in price difference, and the name of the service. Foot massage will cost you under 100 for like a 90min session. See if there are ones with interesting names and a much higher cost, eg, special massage, royal treatment, emperors love. These will usually be 200+ and depending on the interior decoration of the place, nicer places can go up to like 500. Anything more than 500 I wouldn’t recommend. You will probably not get fs at these places anyways so it’ll be a waste of money.

This is a good turn around point for you, if you see a guy receptionist and the most expensive ones are say Chinese massage for 149, then it’s time to leave.

Once you get into the room. Usually you will be randomly assigned a masseuse. If you don’t like her you can ask to switch. Just say ‘hwan’ with some hand gestures should do. Oh if shes wearing some conservative clothing then you are guaranteed a veggie massage. Most places should have showers, you can shower first and then change into their disposable boxer (some places may charge 5rmb for this).

Then going through the routines. She will usually give a bit of tease when you are lying on your stomach. Flip, hj. If there are time leftover, she’ll give you some more massage. During this whole process, you can harrase her by touching. Some may be more restrictive than others. How far you can get is highly ymmv. Go one step at a time, and if she makes her statement fingering or fs is not allowed, it’s better to respect that. If your massage is really cheap, say under 200rmb for 2hours, you may be expected to tip her for the extras. (Depends on the location, prices vary) Don’t tip more than 100rmb!

On a side note, if the place offers Groupon, then prob it’s a veggie joint.

Well, I typed all that on my boring plane ride. Hopefully that wasn’t too boring for you, and maybe someone new to this can pick up a few pointers

Are You Ready to Enjoy Beijing Outcall Massage

In this international modern city, it is not a difficult thing to find a massage place. However, if you are to busy to get a massage place after a busy day or you just want to enjoy the massage at home or you hotel, you can try the outcall massage in Beijing.

beijing massage

Outcall massage guide:

There is one step you need to take before you make the phone call. You have to decide whether you need a massage agency or an independent massage therapist. The agencies can arrange a massage to your home or room according to your requirements of therapists but the fee is a little expensive while the independent therapists are cheaper compared with agencies but without guarantee of the qualities of therapists.

Massage Agencies

If you choose the outcall massage agencies, we are glad to recommend some great massage agencies to you.

1. Beijing green massage

Beijing green massage is a leisure health club which has the most buautiful, the largest number of massagists, and the most tremendous power. They can provide high quality services with the fair price. Warm, gentle, romantic, thoughtful, attentive service will give you 100% satisfaction, and relieve your fatigue of body and mind.

The beautiful and professional technicians will arrive in 20-30 minutes to give you the completely relaxed enjoyment of body and soul. They provide European oil pressure, Classical Thai Massage, Korean massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Silk Stocking Massage, Prostate maintenance.

2. Beijing Massage club

They are a high class International Massage center. They have many professional masseuses, all lovely girls who aim to fulfill your desires regardless of age or occupation. Their goal is very simple: to satisfy your massage requests thoroughly and meticulously. You will have a wonderfully memorable, high-quality massage, carried out by beautiful masseuses who look like angels, seeking only to pleasure you. We invite you to enjoy the pleasure of relaxing massage, experience the body, mind and soul of peace and comfort.
Independent Massage Therapists

When you decide to make a call to a independent massage therapist, you’d better read the therapist’s ad, website and any additional information provided. Then asking about anything you aren’t clear on, but don’t make the therapist repeat every bit of information on the website. You can visit: to find .

Please attention: most independent outcall massage therapists can provide service with extras.

Suggestions For An Effective Massage

If you’re interested in learning about the many wonderful advantages a massage can offer you, the next post will help. Massages can relieve tension and relieve many common ailments that slow us down and cause us distress. Read the following tips and advice about the fantastic viva-escorts massage!

Do your best not to eat before acquiring a massage. Lying down can feel very uncomfortable, should you are feeling swollen after having a meal. Make sure the meal has had time to consume, should you eat prior to a massage. This can enable you to truly feel comfortable in any position you might be requested to suppose through the massage.

You should attempt different techniques when giving a massage. Use fingers and hands to rub, apply pressure as well as give gentle taps. Utilize the tip of your own fingers in the event that you will need precision, for example to curl up a tense muscle. You can likewise try covering just as much surface as you possibly can by using the palm of your own hands to apply pressure.

They can wear a towel to feel more safe at all times, if they’re uncomfortable. Having parts of the body exposed is perhaps not only soothing, but it additionally facilitates your occupation.

Swedish massage therapy is the most frequently offered type available. Some folks consider this to just be considered a basic massage. The masseuse will ordinarily use oil during the procedure. It isn’t too demanding and fairly pleasing.

If you tend to possess a lot of tension in parts of your muscles, but you don’t just like a rigorous massage, hot stone massage may be your best choice. The stones, which are smooth, are made warm and then set onto specific regions of the body. This warms the tissues and muscles, releasing tension and pent-up energy.

As soon as you’ve had a massage, it really is very important to drink tons of water. You’re going to be sore on account of the toxins that have been released in to your system by the massage. In the event you drink water right subsequent to the massage, you can flush these toxins out of your system more quickly.

beijing escortsbeijing escorts

When you possess a client which you are giving a massage to, ask whether they are comfortable. The very last thing that you will want is someone who will not feel secure when you are giving a massage. Additionally, they’ll be quite tight and demanding to massage if they’re troubled.

If you decide to start having massages, try to develop a comfortable connection with your massage therapist. By being comfortable around your massage therapist, you’ll to really be a great deal more comfortable and relaxed, that’ll lead to a far greater massage. Spend time conversing together with your masseuse prior to getting started, and make certain you’re comfortable.

A massage can supply you with many advantages and someone else you know who is continuously aching and overworked. Make use of the suggestions from using this post to put the power of massages to work with you and people you care about. They’re affordable and pretty speedy, but offer such a huge pay-off.